Expressive Domain

Poetry of Patricia A. Hawkenson, Expressive Domain is a close look at life.

2/2/2012 – Patricia A. Hawkenson’s Reflections – Sugar, Sugar

Sugar, Sugar

You’ve got me
wanting more,
a linguist feast
for the soul,
a plate to lick,
a finger
in the frosting.

Succubus, I crave
words to melt
on the tongue,
to haunt rethinking,
to taffy twist
what thoughts
you knew.

Thesaurus addict,
I can’t be cured,
only left to wallow
in delicious words,
inviting you
to taste.

11/6/2011 – Patricia A. Hawkeson’s Reflections – Framed in Blood Red

Framed in Blood Red

The Etch-a-Sketch
could draw me in
enticing my flexing fingers
to anticipate the feeling
of the erratic twisting
of its creamy knobs.

Hours would pass
before my neck would lift
in a final decision
to wipe it all clean
by flipping it over
and shaking it senseless.

My desire to leave
my artistic mark
with those jagged lines
of metallic entrails
retracing my thoughts
was again proven worthless.